400g bread flour

100g semolina

1/2 table spoon sugar

1/2 table spoon salt

7g yeast

2 table spoons olive oil

325ml lukewarm (~1/3 boiling and ~ 2/3 cold) water

Mix the yeast and the sugar into the water, keep it in a warm place and leave it until the surface of the water is covered completely with little bubbles (~15 minutes). I'll be using my bread maker (on the dough programm) to knead the dough. If you do it by hand search Google on how to do that ;-)

Give the water with the yeast and sugar mix into the tin, add olive oil, flour, semolina and salt and start the bread machine. In approximately 2h your dough is ready. Remove it from the tin and beat (means remove the air) the dough and roll it out. If you're not using it straight away, keep it in the fridge. If you want to keep it for longer or if you made too much dough you can also freeze it.