Update: this doesn't work anymore since Microsoft updated Skype a while ago


The following variables can be used when executing a script on a Skype event

Notification type: %type
Username: %sskype
Contact name: %sname
Message Contents: %smessage
File name: %fname
File path: %fpath
File size: %fsize

This is useful for instance when I want to see a Skype message or who is calling while watching TV in MythTV. I have this little script ~/bin/incomming_call.sh

case $1 in
                mythutil --notification --bcastaddr --type warning --message_text 'You have an incoming Skype call!' --origin "$2" --timeout 15
message=$(echo $@|sed "s/^$1\ $2\ //")
                mythutil --notification --bcastaddr --type warning --message_text "Skype message" --origin "$2" --description "$message" --timeout 15

and in Skype I execute the script as following

Incoming Call Ringing: ~/bin/incoming_call.sh call %sskype

Chat message received: ~/bin/incoming_call.sh message %sskype %smessage